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Jonathan Bitter
21 April 2023 | Jonathan Bitter

Wine | Can it make you smarter?

Wine = MC²

In our modern age, we value speed and efficiency greatly; however, there is something to be said about slowing down. Indeed, in response to the frenetic pace of life, we've seen the emergence of the 'slow movement'. From slow food to slow travel, the premise is allowing yourself to consider and contemplate life's experiences more deeply.

Many experts are now championing slow reading because of a growing concern for society. The fear is that our endless skimming of short texts on the internet is dumbing us down. Although we have become very good at collecting a wide range of data, we are also gradually forgetting how to sit back, contemplate, and relate all these facts to each other. Slow reading intentionally reduces reading speed to increase comprehension and pleasure. Of course, the reduction of speed is only part of the equation. To be of real value, the trick is selecting books of both quality and diversity.

In keeping with this theme, I propose a move to 'slow wine'. If you take your time, drinking a glass of wine can be an enlightening experience. At the very least, you expose your mind to aromas, textures and flavours. Beyond this, you may muse over the humanities of history and philosophy, consider the sciences of geology, climatology, botany and microbiology and contemplate the skill of winemaking, the patience and labour, the care of the years and the experience of centuries.

With wine as with books, the depth of your experience will be determined by quality and diversity. Stimulate your senses and, at best, plumb the depths of your mind. Increase your pleasure and your value.


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