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By definition, sustainability never ends.

At Langmeil, it means being able to do tomorrow what we do today.

By integrating a series of initiatives into Langmeil’s daily operational, social and agricultural practices, we are determined to do our bit to protect and preserve the earth’s natural resources as we strive to make great wine with minimal intervention in our vineyards and winery.

Langmeil Winery Sustainable Production Practices:

Cover Crops

  • Permanent swards in Langmeil Winery’s vineyards
  • Protect the soil and prevent erosion
  • Suppress weeds negating the need for herbicide and leaving the ground bare
  • Provide nutrition
  • Support integrated pest management by increasing biodiversity, supporting pest predators and providing a natural nutrient cycling system enhancing soil and vine health.

Grape Growers

  • Langmeil Winery supplied by family-owned grape growers including “Environmental Champions of Barossa” Sam Dahlitz, Evan Gobell and Anthony Scholz
  • Growers who have adopted the Barossa Grape & Wine Association’s “Creating Resilient Landscapes in Barossa” strategy

Grape Marc

  • Distilled for ethanol with the seeds used in grapeseed oil products
  • Residual waste converted into garden mulch with the stalks composted

LED Lighting

  • Replacement of traditional lighting with LED lighting at Langmeil Winery
  • Free of harmful gas
  • Energy efficient
  • Last up to ten times longer
  • Up to 90% less heat reducing cooling needs
  • Estimated annual energy saving 14,814 kWh
  • Estimated carbon abatement 17,777 kg


  • Barossa bottle 23% lighter than the previous bottle
  • Removes 2.04 kg of glass per dozen bottles from the supply chain
  • Saves an estimated 100g of CO2 emissions per bottle from packaging production and transportation

Solar Power

  • Installation of a 99.12 kW solar system at Langmeil Winery
  • Renewable energy source
  • Estimated reduction in total grid power consumption 62.2%


  • 900,000L of rainwater storage to reduce the Langmeil Winery’s mains water usage
  • Winery wastewater processed and treated for use as irrigation water

Watercourse Management

  • Revegetation of the North Para River bordering Langmeil Winery
  • Native habitat restoration via the removal of exotic woods and other weeds in the riparian zone and revegetation with native plants
  • Decreased erosion through revegetation of banks and in-stream structures
  • Improved water quality through reduced amounts of soil and nutrients flowing into the watercourse
  • Healthy aquatic and land-based ecosystems
  • Decreased insect pest damage to pastures and crops by providing habitat for insect-eating birds and insect parasites
  • Wildlife corridors

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