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The Moon over the Freedom vineyard

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"And at the end of the night, they realized how important those little stars were,
which they ignored while adoring the beauty of the moon all night."

This choice of words from Akshay Vasu’s, The Abandoned Paradise was inspired by the first full moon of the year on January 6th. For some reason, it just spoke to me. It could have been its sheer brilliance (moonlight you could read by), it may have been the beachside setting I was viewing it from, or maybe just the occasion as I was enjoying a reclusive few days with those dearest to me. Regardless of the reason, it was both majestic and captivating. The moon tends to grab our attention, and rightly so. Many cellar-door conversations have started with, “did you see the moon last night?” Perhaps the majesty of a full moon is its relative rarity; there will only be 13 of them this year. It’s not so often that someone asks if you saw the stars last night. Because they are always there, we tend to take them for granted. Yet, as anyone who’s spent a moonless outback night will attest, they have a magic of their own and can be enjoyed just about every day of the year.

How similar our enjoyment of wine. We have those special ones that we enjoy every so often. We have those occasions that warrant something notable, and perhaps we open something rare and exceptional once in a blue moon. None of this, however, should detract from everyday joy. We are truly blessed with the ready availability of quality everyday drinkers, which becomes particularly pertinent at this time of year as we seek to dial back a little from the excesses of the festive season. To this end, as our New Year custom has become, we hope to offer assistance by providing a few great value opportunities. Please note that in many instances, there are but a handful of celestial bodies in their final orbit, so catch a shooting star and put it in your pocket before they fade away!

Jonathan Bitter
Cellar Door Manager‚Äč






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