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Selwin Auricht horsing around. Selwin was the last of the Aurichts to work the property.

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All our large format bottles are now available to purchase from our website in the on-line shop.

These are our 1.5Ltr Magnums, 3Ltr Double Magnums and 6Ltr Imperials for our Old Vine Garden Collection wines and the Valley Floor. It also includes back vintages.
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6Ltr Imperial

3Ltr Double Magnum

1.5Ltr Magnum 


After my last email's delve into the German land measurement of a Morgen (riveting stuff, I know), I received considerable feedback, some of it quite derogatory! In retaliation, I thought it necessary to share some more historic German origin trivia with you.

It can be intriguing to discover the roots of everyday sayings, traditions and superstitions. One we are all familiar with is the constant recurrence of the number three. Right from our childhoods, we perceive things in threes; the three little pigs, Goldilocks and the three bears, three blind mice and those three little kittens who lost their mittens. Genies grant three wishes, and any circus worth its salt will be three-ringed! Even the planet we live on is the third rock from the sun.

In old German, 'Aller guten Dinge sind drei' translates as 'of all good things there are three'. This is believed to date from the middle ages when the council or court meetings were held three times a year. As a defendant, you had three opportunities to present yourself to the judges. All good things come in threes because 'thing' meant a fair court hearing.

Coincidently over the first three weeks of May, we had a new wine offer each week. Many of you have pleaded the case that they missed their opportunity or perhaps wanted a retrial of particular wines. In keeping with our Germanic origins, this week, we present you with the opportunity to give all three a fair hearing.

A six-pack of 2017 Gentry Cabernet Shiraz, 2018 Kegelbahn Shiraz or 2018 LOT-36 Shiraz Cabernet can be delivered to your door for just $89.95. Available  HERE 

Du entscheidest!

Jonathan Bitter
Cellar Door Manager

Visiting Cellar Door

As important members of Langmeil, we would like to let you know that pre-booking your cellar door experience will prevent any disappointment on arrival. Seating is limited so it's a good idea to book ahead. Call us on 08 8563 2595 to book, and you might like to book in for one of these experences:-

The Freedom Experience

The Freedom Cellar

Hosted by Jonathan and includes a tour
and tasting. $150 per person. 
Allow up to 3 hours.


Old Vine Garden Experience

The Freedom Room

Hosted in the Freedom Room by our
experienced staff. $50 per person.
Allow an hour





Looking for somewhere to stay in the Barossa?
Langmeil Winery offers you a haven within the Winery grounds. More details HERE.


Cnr Langmeil & Para Roads, Tanunda SA 5352, Australia
tel: +61 8 8563 2595. Producer's Licence 50800036.

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