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Lynne and Bec enjoying a Schluck while honouring the medieval housewarming tradition of the giving of wood.

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'You've always got company when you've got a fire' 
Allan Gordon Bitter

You may note that this quote is from a gentleman sharing my surname. It's from my grandfather. He spent the last eight years of his life as a widower rattling around in a large old family home. When calling in to check on him each evening, winter would find him in the 'den' sitting by the open fire enjoying a glass or three of tawny - no television or radio on, just quiet contemplation of the flames' flicker. Fires have an intrinsic quality that draws us to them for both physical comfort and the warming of our souls. With the arrival of winter, the tasting seats closest to the open fire become prime real estate in our cellar door, and visitors can't help but throw on a log or give the fire a poke leading to many light-hearted jibes about fire etiquette. Is it appropriate to poke someone else's fire?

When you reduce them to their fundamentals, fire and wine share much in common, wood is effectively the sun's stored energy that we can release to bring comfort when we long for summer's warmth. Likewise, people often describe wine as bottled sunshine. Vines use the sun's energy to produce fruit in a short-term seasonal abundance that we preserve by the wonder of fermentation. When the days shorten, and the sun's rays lose their sting, we can open a bottle to enjoy its warm embrace and the comfort of a subconscious reminder that summer will return.

This winter has certainly been a crisp one around the country so far. The snow season came early in alpine regions. Even places like the Gold Coast have experienced some rather frosty conditions. Locally, I've needed to tap a hole in the ice on the dog's water bowl on numerous mornings. Though the winter solstice has passed, the journey to summer may still be a little long for many of us. If seeking sustenance in the interim, the  LINK  hereabouts will take you to a selection of a few of our favourite bottles of Barossa sunshine. 

Here comes the sun, and I say, it's all right.

Jonathan Bitter
Cellar Door Manager

Visiting Cellar Door

As important members of Langmeil, we would like to let you know that pre-booking your cellar door experience will prevent any disappointment on arrival. Seating is limited so it's a good idea to book ahead. Call us on 08 8563 2595 to book, and you might like to book in for one of these experences:-

The Freedom Experience

The Freedom Cellar

Hosted by Jonathan and includes a tour
and tasting. $150 per person. 
Allow up to 3 hours.


Old Vine Garden Experience

The Freedom Room

Hosted in the Freedom Room by our
experienced staff. $50 per person.
Allow an hour





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tel: +61 8 8563 2595. Producer's Licence 50800036.

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