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Selwin Auricht feeding his horses during vintage. 

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2018 Lot-36 Shiraz Cabernet

2017 Gentry Cabernet Shiraz 

2020 Three Gardens Viognier Marsanne Roussanne


Around 98 AD, Roman historian Publius Cornelius Tacitus wrote 'Germania', a historical work on the Germanic peoples outside the Roman Empire. In it, he noted, 'To divination and casting of lots, they pay attention beyond any other people.'

The ancient practice of lot casting was widespread across cultures. It varied depending on the location and local customs, from dice throwing by the Romans and the Canadian First Nations' bone counting sticks to the hand game of rock-paper-scissors of the Chinese Han Dynasty. In our modern secular society, we put the results of such practices down to pure chance. Indeed the random selection of people to receive money in lotteries, or lotto, derives its name from the casting of lots. However, in the time of Tacitus, the casting of lots was a frequent divination method believed to reveal God's will or other universal forces and entities. 'They cut a branch from a fruit-bearing tree and divide it into small pieces which they mark with certain distinctive signs and scatter at random onto a white cloth. Then, after invoking the gods and with eyes raised to heaven, the priest of the community picks up three pieces, one at a time, and interprets signs previously marked upon them.'

Some 1,700 years later, devout German Lutheran and pioneering Barossa vigneron, Christian Auricht likewise trusted the divine. Drawing on Proverbs 16:33, 'The lot is cast into the lap, but its every decision is from the Lord.' Christian and his family left their German homeland 'putting their trust in the Lord that he would see them safely to their new home'. Whether by chance or fate, Christian's 'lot in life' proved to be a lot of a different kind, settling Lot-36 Langmeil village in 1842, the place he would call home for the rest of his life.

In homage to the ancestors, ancient and recent, this week, we're offering a six-pack of the 2018 Lot-36 Shiraz Cabernet delivered to your door for $89.95. With its flavours of ripe, juicy berries, sweet and briary spices complemented by hints of black olives and herbs, this medium-bodied wine will have you believe there is a little of the divine in every bottle.

Fondest regards as always,

Jonathan Bitter
Cellar Door Manager

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