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Cabernet Sauvignon is the offspring of two similar sounding grapes  following a chance crossing in the seventeenth century.  Growers suspected this due to the closeness of their names and the shared characteristics with both Frank and Blanc. It’s also pretty fly (for a red wine).

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In 1842 a 32-year-old Blacksmith, Christian Auricht, arrived from Prussia with his wife and four children. He settled in the new village of Langmeil and established a forge in what was to become a thriving trading post. His original  smithy  remains  to this day and is  a feature of the winery’s heritage setting.

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Commissioned by George Fife Angas in 1836, German geologist, Johann Menge, made extensive inspections of New Silesia, now better known as the Barossa. Having surveyed the region, he wrote a prophetic letter to his employer reporting that “your land is and will prove the kernel of this province.”

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