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Australia prides itself as a multicultural society, yet by the 1850s the Barossa was already that and more. On the one hand, was the British Gentry and on the other were the Prussian Lutheran emigrants. Both built in bluestone to stand the test of time and established enterprises fur future generations

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Now the site of our winery, the property in Langmeil village was originally settled by the Auricht family in 1842. Several generations later, working the mixed farm and vineyards became Selwin’s Lot in life.

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Cabernet Sauvignon’s origins reveal it was the Wild Child of two similar sounding grapes after a chance crossing in the seventeenth century. Growers suspected this due to the shared characters with both Franc and Blanc. Moreover, the name Sauvignon itself derives from ‘sauvage’, the French for wild.

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Pioneering Barossa vigneron, Christian Auricht, settled LOT-36, Langmeil Village in 1842, the place he would call home for the rest of his life. This bold Shiraz Cabernet celebrates the quintessential Australian blend and is a great example of the complexity and harmony these noble varieties can achieve.

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The original winery on the Langmeil property was established in 1932. It was named Paradale, by the Hanisch family, due to the proximity to the North Para River. This river was the lifeblood of the village of Langmeil and helped the parish to prosper and flourish.

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A  Barossa institution since 1858, the Kegelbahn is where Kegel, the German for skittle, and a bowling game with nine pins instead of ten, is played. Today’s players preserve the values of the game which are enjoyment, friendship and skill, all while sharing fine Barossa wine.

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