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Welcome to the Langmeil Cellarium Club where we make it simple and affordable to cellar your Langmeil wines.

We are dedicated to all fine wine endeavours and part of this journey is having the potential to age wines properly to ensure you can enjoy wines in all their capacities from wines in their youth but also to enjoy the more complexities that comes from ageing wines.

We understand that there are often barriers to cellaring wines and this program offers you an affordable and ideal solution.

The Cellarium Club Membership is only offered to our best direct Cellar Door clients.

We can only store wines based on full case purchases of the following wines.

6 pack x Freedom 1843 Shiraz
6 pack x Pure Eden Shiraz
6 pack x Orphan Bank Shiraz
6 pack x Jackamans Cabernet Sauvignon
6 pack x Fifth Wave Grenache
6 pack x Hallowed Ground Shiraz
6 pack x Kernel Cabernet Sauvignon
12 pack x Valley Floor Shiraz
12 pack x Blacksmith Cabernet Sauvignon

You can choose to order one case or multiple cases across all these wines, but they have to be full cases.

There will be a small window to order your wines from September and these wines will be placed into to storage at the end of October. You will then be contacted five years later for your wine to be despatched in November.

The cost to store your case in temperature-controlled storage for five years is $100 per case. At the end of the five-year period we would then contact you prior to despatch to check you would like your wine delivered or re submitted for a further five years at an additional five-year cost. 

We feel this is a simple, practical and ideal solution to add further value to your wine drinking pleasure and experience.

To order your wines for cellaring, please read through the Terms and Conditions HERE and get ready to enter the Langmeil Cellarium.

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