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Langmeil Winery Vineyards


1. The Freedom 1843 Shiraz Vineyard

The Freedom is Langmeil's first and foremost vineyard. Planted in 1843, the 3.5 acres of dry-grown Shiraz are situated on Langmeil's Tanunda property. Sitting on the south bank of the North Para River, this site is predominantly alluvial loam and red clay over limestone and ironstone, ensuring deep root penetration of up to 50 feet into the underlying water table. The vineyard produces a low yielding crop of 1.5-2 tonnes to the acre during optimum vintages.

2. The Orphan Bank Vineyard

A first for the Barossa Valley, the Orphan Bank vineyard is the result of transplanting over 300 vines from a 140 year old vineyard in Tanunda which was destined to be destroyed. It took 18 months to re-plant the vines on the south bank of the North Para River at Langmeil Winery. The operation was 95% successful and the first post-transplant fruit was picked in 2008. The site is predominantly rich alluvial loam over limestone, ensuring ease of penetration for root development. The existence of this vineyard is a tribute to Langmeil's commitment to the Barossa and its culture.

3. The 1996 Shiraz & 2004 Ondenc Vineyards

Similarly situated on the south bank of the North Para River, and comprising 10.5 and 1 acres respectively, these vines provide quality fruit for our Valley Floor Shiraz and Sparkling Ondenc Cuvée.


Situated in the southern reaches of the Barossa Valley, just out of the town of Lyndoch, this property showcases a diversity of soil profiles and aspects. The Fifth Wave Grenache vineyard was planted in 1953 on deep sandy soil. With slight elevation this dry grown 4.5 acre vineyard produces a rare, low yielding crop between 1-1.5 tonne to the acre. The 1 acre Jackaman's Cabernet Sauvignon vineyard was planted in the 1960s on a site consisting of darker loam and produces a harvest of only 1-1.5 tonne. Other plantings on this property are Shiraz and Viognier.

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